Saturday, October 2, 2010

11 Months

Wow I've had Zap for 8 months already......feels like he's always been here though. I can't imagine life without the crazy dude. Anyway, we have been working on many new things,a nd also many old things as well.

For starters, we have started crate games again after forgetting about them for awhile. Zap is so funny because it's easy to get him excited about something, even running to his crate! He zips to his crate, lays down and just tenses up while I create tons of distractions, then when he is released *vroom* he goes straight for his toy for some serious tugging.

We have started some weave entry work just this week. Nothing serious yet, just running straight through a set of 2 poles. Also, he is getting into a 4on position on a low teeter, which he just started this week. He had a run in with a full sized teeter on accident! He ran over, hopped from the ground up to the top end, then slammed it down and got into position like everything was normal. At least we know he isn't going to have a fear issue! But still not very funny thing for a puppy to do....

We have been doing some straight line jumps, as well as left and rights from extreme distance. I still refuse to introduce the tunnel again yet. Plus, I should wait until I have my heavy duty one, because Zap is so crazy he would probably tear up my cheap nylon one the first day we start using it!

Running contacts are....on and off. He has good days and bad. I'm not worrying about it too much at this point. I'm not happy with how loose his cik/cap are so I'm still working him bar-less for that.

We just overnighted our entry for the Silvia Trkman seminar in February 2011! Zap will be 15 months and hopefully will be ready for the novice handling day. Otherwise, I'll have to sub in Li. I'm also doing the motivation seminar on Wednesday....with Li for sure! Zap has motivation coming out of his ears!

That's about all I suppose! Other than agility of course we go on lots of walks and hikes, and Zap plays with the other dogs a lot. I'm going to start biking him now that the weather is nice and he is older. Also, when we walk, he keeps his head, ears, and tail down, and pulls on his fleece harness in a straight line like he is running from fire just like the maybe he is a future ski-jor/cani-cross/bike-jor dog in the making?!

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